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I am very satisfied with all the process that was done through Fastrac to make the project of my solar panels a reality, I did nothing, Yessenia who was the person assigned to my account DID everything very quickly and always She was careful that I knew the steps that were followed and when she had questions, Yessenia was always there to help me with the answer. I recommend Fastrac for projects similar to mine.

Jaime G.

Pflugerville, TX

Great company with knowledgeable staff. They were very professional and communicated with me through the whole process. Was pleased with the process and excited to have SOLAR!

Matt R.

Austin, TX

I compared systems with 4 installers. Mike was not a high pressure sales guy as opposed to the other three. Engineering configured my panels, got the permits. The install was supposed to have a power outage of 20-30 minutes. There wasn’t a power outage. My next house will have Fastrac.

Simon L.

Seagoville, TX

We’re to the point now where we pretty much have no power bill and just have the payment we are making on the loan. We probably had a $200 a month power bill and last month our power bill was $22. When I saw that- just amazing!

The Fields Family

Bakersfield, CA

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